This Morning, In An Idealized World by Emma Gotbaum

Waking my best friend from her slumber can only be compared to summoning the devil. Green light filters through the room shining upon sensitive eyes sealed with sleep. My friend reacts as though she’s allergic to sunlight. The groans begin, followed by wild thrashing as she manages to ensnare herself in her own covers.

She grunts out most unpleasantly, “EMMMAAAAAAAAAA SHUTTT UPPP,” and continues to flail in a sea of linen. PMS anyone?

In the morning her house is comprised of several aromas. Coffee wafts upstairs from the kitchen, the distinctive smell of saline pours out of every bathroom, and fresh cut grass creeps in through cracked windows.

My best friend is an eclectic combination of Mexican roots, Jews from New York and love. Currently the two donors of her genome can be heard bustling around our house. Hidden within her guest room we wordlessly wish for them to have no reason to investigate into our wellbeing. Poorly disguised beer bottles will not necessarily make their morning.

Her mother’s features are proud, with high planed cheekbones and an aquiline Aztec nose passed along from her ancestors. She tells me that in a former life I was an overly curious Beagle; hence my affinity for digging myself into holes…or other difficult situations.

Her father is tall, almost gawky, with eager green eyes and bright blonde hair. A pair of basic black rimmed glasses inhabits his face, making his scholarly occupation even more evident. The union of the two crafted the surly, beautiful & sun-kissed demon creature below me. The creature reaches blindly for a bottle of aspirin, for me to magically place in her expectant palm.

“UGHHHHHHHHHHHH,” bellows the creature.

“Good morning to you too.” I can’t help but smile like a jackass.

“Fuck….obscure liquids….”

She then lapses back into a thorny state of unconsciousness. I leave the room as silently as the wooden floorboards will allow me.


4 Responses to This Morning, In An Idealized World by Emma Gotbaum

  1. theloveofyourlife says:

    this is really nicely written the details are really good and it feels like a real friendship ((:

  2. Kathy Fish says:

    I love this brilliant, wry voice and how vividly you paint this scene, Emma. Great work.

  3. Adrienne P says:

    I think you should write a book. The stuff you’ve written really created vivid scenes with in depth character interaction and wildly enjoyable to read. I really want to see a cover with your name on it in the future (:

  4. patrickmcg says:

    vivid details, interesting grasp of language. really enjoy it.

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