Dirt Roads by Britnee Williams

There are more Waffle Houses than there are McDonalds in this town. Greeted by a toothless man riding his oversized John Deere tractor down the road. Look to your left and you see nothing but fields. Look to your right and yet again, nothing but fields. Fields that seem to go on forever. Growing an infinite amount of corn that would feed a family of ten and their distant cousins twice removed for a lifetime. Dirt roads that lead to lakes that are outlined with ancient pecan trees. A grandfather and his grandson catching and cleaning fish, eager to get home and prepare dinner. Annoying gnats and mosquitoes buzzing in your ear. It feels like summer year-round down here. Don’t even bother getting ready in the morning; your time will sweat off from the hard to breathe humidity. Overalls and boots are the latest trend. Although they have been for as long as I can remember. An old woman sits on her wobbly rocking chair while knitting. Along side her is her grumpy ol’ husband with a jaw full of chewing tobacco. She nags as he continues to spit in the spittoon in between them. An 84’ Chevy with faded various colors of paint and a bumper sticker that says, “eat my dust” whizzes by with four kids and a golden retriever in the back. All soaking wet from a fun day at the lake. Pine trees as tall as a building in New York. Although we were far from it. “I remember when you were about knee high to a grasshopper” is a common phrase used around here. Sticky hands from melting popsicles. Non-stop itching from the mosquito bites that have infested your body. Broken wood and rusty iron from rain damage; the railroad tracks that are useless to anyone anymore. A small house with red shutters tucked back in a vast field. Seems like it would take days to cut the grass. Visiting family, sitting on the porch hearing childhood stories of family members. Pinched cheeks. Hearing, “Oh, you’ve grown up so much since I’ve seen you last.” Ten times. Smell of bug repellant and BBQ in the air. Stories told and laughter follows, Georgia On My Mind.


3 Responses to Dirt Roads by Britnee Williams

  1. Cam V says:

    This makes me really really want waffle house.
    This is your strongest piece, I think- nostalgia suits your style.

  2. PMB says:

    its really authentic, coming from the south it speaks so much truth and paints a crystal clear picture for anyone to see what it is like to be there

  3. CatBat says:

    Sounds like it’s a page out of a book – you can tell there’s more that happened before and after this. I loved your attention to detail, and the last line is great – gotta have a shout out to Ray Charles if you’re talking about Georgia 🙂 great job britnee!

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