The Things I Didn’t Do When A Boy Told Me He Loved Me by Catherine Battey

I looked him in the eyes when he told me he loved me. I took him seriously, and I listened. He wasn’t shy, he didn’t stutter, and he held my gaze as he said it. I didn’t dare laugh at him, but it was hard not to smile. As he spoke, the engine of his shitty car ticked like a bomb as it began to cool. Our breathing was synchronized, and I snuck a glance at his hands. Strong, man hands. Hands that would look good holding my hands. He waited for my response. The moment was so inevitable that I almost felt as if part of me was watching the scene unfold from outside the car window. There was no hesitation between his confession – if you could call it that – and my response. I knew how I felt about him, and I was prepared. So I told him I loved him too. Of course I told him I loved him.


6 Responses to The Things I Didn’t Do When A Boy Told Me He Loved Me by Catherine Battey

  1. Hailey says:

    I thought you did a great job with this. It made me feel as if I were right there with you, which is a feeling that is hard to convey to your readers. Great job, i loved it!

  2. Hailey Klein says:

    I love how the whole thing is backwards but when you read it you feel as if you are reading it normally. It’s what you didn’t do but at the same time it’s stuff that people sometimes do do when they are in this kind of situation. Great job! ^.^

  3. Britnee Williams says:

    This piece is very descriptive and it makes the reader feel as if they were in the piece. It is very nice, Great Job! (:

  4. PMB says:

    this is a bitchin piece. its very dry as well as very genuine and i really like the combination of the two, buenos jobos cat

  5. Cam V says:

    Very complete- a totally relatable story. Funny and sad. Makes me pity the poor boy.

  6. Kate says:

    Love it- the ending is so strong too and I like the sentence structure, it doesn’t allow the reader to get lost

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