Love- A Mix Tape by Hailey Bachmann

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Jewel). “ There’s A Story of Boy Meets Girl” (Mychael Danna & Rob Simosen). “Here it Goes” (Jimmy Eat World). “Born in the USA” (Bruce Springsteen). “Born to Run” (Bruce Springsteen). “Born to Be Wild” (Kim Fowlely). “Hope never fails” (Scott McFarland). “Oh Baby!” (The Subdudes). “Already Gone” (Kelly Clarkson). “So far gone” (Vivian Green). “In too deep” (Invisible Touch). “Too young to fight It” (Young Love). “Young and Wild” (Eric Church). “Young and Aspiring” (Underoath). “Young and in Love” (Jordin Sparks). “Love Drunk” (Boys Like Girls). “Oh No” (Lil Wayne). “Say it Isn’t so” (The outfield). “Blah Blah Blah” (Kesha). “Just a Girl” (No Doubt). “Just A Boy” (KISS). “Too Young to Fall in Love” (Motley Crue). “Too Young to know” (Muddy Waters). “Poor Folks” (Ray Scott). “Jack and Diane” (John Mellencamp). “Once In Love” (Dan Fogelberg). “ What a Feeling” (Collie Buddz). “Getting Married Young” (Laura Berman). “Looking for a good time” (Lady Antebellum). “Livin Like There’s No Tomorrow” (The Scene). “No Money” (The Evens). “No Kids” (John Lurie). “Where did You Sleep Last Night” (Nirvana). “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her” (Mary Chapin Carpenter). “The Ice is Getting Thinner” (Death Cab For Cutie). “What a Shame” (Shinedown). “Should’ve Tried Harder” (Hey Monday). “Done For Good” (Frantic Noise). “Bad Romance” (Lady GaGa). “Love is Not Enough” (Mark Isham). “That’s All There Is To It” (Mike Stern). “Love On The Rocks” (Sara Bareilles).


5 Responses to Love- A Mix Tape by Hailey Bachmann

  1. Hailey Klein says:

    It’s kool how all of the songs come together and make one big story. Nice work! 🙂

  2. Britnee Williams says:

    I think you did a greattt job with this piece. You took something so difficult and made it look so easy! You did a very good job giving the reader a detailed story. It was very creative! (:

  3. Your Face says:

    Its comes together really well at the end, attaway to tie it all up

  4. Cam V says:

    Love it. Read it without the artists though.

  5. CatBat says:

    Really good job with this one. The song titles tell the story really well, and nothing is too obvious so it lets the reader piece the story together themselves. I really like the title as well!

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