I Had Never Seen Her Before Then by Hailey Klein

Walking with the grace of a thousand swans, she looked like she had a purpose in her everyday life. No one quite understood why she’d sit alone and drink her coffee. Perhaps it was because her mind was reeling while she read over her afternoon sandwich. I could tell that she didn’t want people to know of her true emotions by the way her brown eyes looked at me when she looked up from her book. I wanted to talk with her. Get her true story. Not ones I heard people whispering about in the back of the classroom before she arrived. I wanted to get to know her. She would stand patiently in line to get her morning coffee yet if someone cut her in line she would start flipping out. When we took notes in class, she would tap her pencil on the edge of the desk. No one questioned it. Her pencil rested behind her ear and at random times she would pull out a torn, tear soak in notebook and write something down, then put it away. I wondered if she knew I was watching her. I tried to keep my distance but she kept pulling me back with more questions. Questions that I feared would never be answered.


4 Responses to I Had Never Seen Her Before Then by Hailey Klein

  1. Britnee Williams says:

    Your piece was very descriptive and I love how you left the reader wanting to know more about this character. Very nice. (:

  2. Cam V says:

    Good job; nice descriptions. I can’t wait to see how your writing evolves.

  3. PMB says:

    exellente. bueno descriptiones. i like the fact that this really does make you want to read more and invest more into the character.

  4. CatBat says:

    the first line says it all. great comparison, and the story leaves you wanting to learn more about this mysterious girl. well done!

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