Ready Or Not by Britnee Williams

Boy: “are you ready?”

Girl: “No. Well maybe. Uhhh, you see… I think I need more time.”

(Boy rubs her back to comfort her.)

Boy: “I’m not going to make you do something you don’t want to do.”

Girl: “ I know that. But, I’ve never done this before.”

(She begins to bite on her fingernails. )

Boy: “neither have I, but we can both do this together. I mean, it’ll be fun…”

(She looks into his eyes with fear.
He places his elbows on his knees with his head rested in his palms.)

Girl: “Are you mad at me?”

Boy: “no, but I think you’re making it a bigger deal than it should be.
Either we do it or we don’t. “

(She looks at him with frustration. Then stands up and began to pace back and forth.)

Girl: “You probably think I’m a big baby, don’t you?”

Boy: “Not at all”

(10 minutes pass by)

Girl: “Alright. I’ve thought about it long enough…I’m ready.”

Boy: “its about time, and it’ll be well worth it!”

(The instructor walks to the couple and hands them forms to fill out.)

Instructor: “alright, welcome ladies and gentlemen. Today, we will be skydiving from thousands of feet up in the air! But before we strap all of you in we must first go over all procedures and regulations for a safe flight. Is this anyone’s first time skydiving with us?”

(boy and girl raise their hand, along with the couple next to them)

Instructor: “wonderful! Well now that we know all the safety tips to a safe flight, lets load em’ up!”

(the instructor points to the plane out on the landing strip.)

Boy: “are you ready?)

Girl: “more than ever.”


6 Responses to Ready Or Not by Britnee Williams

  1. Cam V says:

    Corkscrew twist. Love it.

  2. Hailey Klein says:

    I love how you think they’re talking about one thing and in the end it was something completely different. W00t, go skydiving. 😛

  3. CatBat says:

    The first time you read this, I think we were all thinking the same thing…hahaha;) I love the twist at the end, really good play on words!

  4. PMB says:

    i can tell that my comment isnt really too original, but i also really like the change in direction that the story takes. good job convincing us of something and then making it work with a different concept

  5. Kate says:

    I’d have to agree with what everyone else said, but I also like the dialogue, it’s a mix-up from all the other pieces, good job!

  6. Uglyyy says:

    wow! this is very well written. you did a really nice job of tricking we the reader into believing they were talking about sex. you have talent ms. williams and i look forward to reading more of your stuff. keep it up!

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