Just the 2 of Us by Britnee Williams

It was our sixth month anniversary. I begin to get ready for the night ahead with the one I love. Sitting on my bed, I hear my phone vibrate, I open it and read the text, “Baby, I’m at the door.” Oblivious that he had been standing there for ten minutes, I open the door and jump into his welcoming arms. That’s my favorite place in the world. He asks where I want to eat and tells me he has something planned for the two of us after dinner.

We pull up to the crème de la crème of any Mexican restaurant I’ve ever seen. We wait to be seated as he whispers in my ear, “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” I begin to smile and his warm soft lips kiss my rosy cheeks. He pulls out my chair and sits across the table. The rose scented candle, lights up his freshly shaved face. I stare into his hazel eyes as he reaches across the table to hold my hand. A feeling shoots through my body and I then realize, is this love? I was positive that it was. It was a feeling I hoped would last forever.

After eating and gossiping about what had been going on in our lives we head home. As he takes a turn down a dark road I watch the stars as they illuminate the branches of the blossomed trees. He pulls into an open field. One that seemed never ending and disappears into the horizon. He lights a candle and places it next to the blanket while I run around like a seven-year-old child, catching lightening bugs. It’s a clear summer night. He disappears into the waist high grass as he lies down on the blanket. I run over and plop down next to him. His arm reached out as I nestled my head onto his chest.

“Look how unique the stars are. All different in some way, you think my mom is up there?”

“Yes baby, she’s looking down at you, proud of the young lady you have become.”

My eyes filled with joy as that smile appeared on my face. We lay there with no worries in the world. The moon was full and lit up the field as if it were a runway to nowhere. We look up at the stars and watch the lightening bugs flash bright yellow then disappear. He pulls me in close by his side and I feel protected. Nothing in this world could bring us down, I knew for a fact that we were meant to be.

“I thought this only happened in fairytales.”

“This is our fairy tale and you are my princess.”

Time flew by and we soon realized it was a little after midnight. We rush home hoping that my parents were asleep. Swerving on the slick road, I watch as fireflies hit the windshield and burst into neon yellow fireworks. Out of nowhere came the headlights. These were the last memories I had with him. I wake up to find myself in a cold strange place, family and friends surrounding me and seem to be happy that I’ve awakened. “Where is he? Where am I?” I felt as if I were talking to a brick wall, no response. Tears fill my eyes until my vision became blurry. That’s when it hit me.


5 Responses to Just the 2 of Us by Britnee Williams

  1. Hailey Klein says:

    This piece is so powerful! It starts out sweet and then all of a sudden *boom*. It turns into a tragedy. I love your word choice here. Grrrreat job! 😀

  2. Cam V says:

    Haha. It “hit” me.
    This is much more powerful with a sad ending; and the repetition of the crash after the image of the fireflies bursting against the window is beautiful.

  3. PMB says:

    the entire last paragraph really seems to give the entire story a clear purpose, that was a really sweet addition. very ill

  4. CatBat says:

    This is so beautifully descriptive and love the references to light and things being illuminated. The ending is heartbreaking, he seemed like such a great guy! Very convincing, nice job 🙂

  5. Uglyyy says:

    deep..powerful..your descriptions make it seem like we are right there with you, witnessing everything that you are.it really makes you think of the little things and cherish every moment you spend with them. very nice britnee!

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