Lather, Rinse, and Repeat: The natural cycle of student filmmaking by Michael Brennan

Start by procrastinating. Spend hours throwing around useless ideas. Lets try a mockumentary style film. Aim to be The Office, on crack. Get off topic. Search for picturesque cinematography as a means to waste class time. Start filming a side documentary on the origins of stick bugs. Yell at each other semi-seriously. Use the batman voice. Laugh at glorified inside jokes. More batman voice, but really from the soul this time. Go on a tangent. Realize you are on a tangent, and then get on an even bigger tangent about going off on tangents. Brew up some fake throw up, oatmeal and strawberry banana smoothie. Find a cloak and a few bathrobes, maybe a katana as well. So help you god, bring an extra shirt. Chain reaction of fake throw up. Make it two shirts. Voiceover time. Gargle water. Start intro by saying, “In a world where…” Log and capture. Forget which computer the footage is on. Procrastinate. Film festival is on Friday. It’s Thursday. Pull an editing marathon, meaning a full 26.2. Git-r-done, just like the prophet Larry the Cable Guy would say. It’s Friday. Film fest is at 7. Book it to the Perdinales River once 3: 35 hits. By the way its 30 minutes away, but its okay, obviously you’ll get back on time. Miss your own movie while stuck in traffic. Pretend you were there and welcome applause anyway. Start thinking for the future. Next time write a script. Next time start early. Next time truly develop characters. Next time cast Leo DiCaprio as the lead; couldn’t hurt to have a big name from the start. But chances are you will be dong the same things all over again, so why not just embrace it? Lather, rinse, and repeat.


2 Responses to Lather, Rinse, and Repeat: The natural cycle of student filmmaking by Michael Brennan

  1. Cam V says:

    A bustled snapshot of procrastination to which anybody who has ever had a major project to complete can relate to.

  2. CatBat says:

    haha, i love this. very clever, and i can almost see the entire scene of a bunch of guys goofing around with fake throw-up and procrastinating like crazy. very well done 🙂

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