I Miss You by Haley Crissman

I heard her before I could see her and sure enough, there she was, holding court with her friends and even some of mine. I shuffled to my seat, hoping she wouldn’t notice me. “Hey, Seth!” she said. Everyone stopped talking to look at me.

I winced at the sound of her voice that brought back so many good memories. “Hey, Annabeth,” I said. I forced a smile and dropped into my seat. Everyone turned around as the bell rang and my teacher rapped a pencil on her desk to get their attention. I glanced at Annabeth. She was every bit as beautiful as when I first asked her out—and when she broke up with me.
I just don’t feel the spark anymore, she had told me. I guess I dulled her senses or something. Whatever. She lifted a hand to brush her hair from her eyes and I saw a glint of silver. Looking closer I saw that she was wearing the charm bracelet I gave her to celebrate our one year anniversary a few months ago. Why was she wearing it today? She hadn’t worn it any other day for the last month since we broke up. I wondered what her new boyfriend thought of her wearing it. I saw the happy couple just this morning, but he didn’t seem to be too happy. I didn’t let myself hope that maybe she had finally broken up with that tool. I stopped myself from thinking about all our old memories, the way we could laugh at anything, the way we sang along to every song that came on the radio, the way—wait, no, stop! I have got to stop thinking about her.

I did my best to look anywhere but her for the rest of class. The bell rang and I ran out hoping to get away before having to see her again. I heard her footsteps behind me and hoped I was imagining it.

“Seth, wait!” she said.

I turned on my heel, hoping to shake her off with some stupid line, but the desperation in her expression startled me. “What?” I said.

“I, um, just wondered how you were doing…?” she said. I didn’t answer. She started twisting her bracelet around her wrist and I caught sight of the charms I had given her. She could at least take those off. She caught me looking and said, “Oh, yeah, well I found it the other day and I, um… Look, Seth what I really wanted to tell you was that after spending all this time with Bryan, I realized that I missed all our fun times together, all our laughs, our dates, even some of our fights, but the biggest thing I realized was, I miss you.”


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