32 Missed Calls, 22 Voicemails, 17 Text Messages, and a Baby by Leo Biette-Timmons

Dear Mom and Dad,

Last week, on September the 17th at 2:12 am and after 12 hours of labor, we had the wonderful birth of our lovely little surprise!

Robert Dennington was born 10 pounds 3 ounces. He is a funny looking baby, unlike either of us. With his unique appearance, we request abundant swooning over him at Christmas, in order to build his self-esteem. Jenny and I have been arguing over who he got the majority of his genes from. She says Rob has Uncle Ted’s ears, but between us, he has her father’s nose and thin lips. Although, we both agreed that he will probably grow into his looks. It’s extremely farfetched, but I’m even questioning if Rob is mine!

Thank you very much for the lovely stuffed lion, but Jenny and I were perplexed to find that Rob ripped the left arm off in a matter of days! Jenny’s parents gave him a cute, blue onesie, but unfortunately we couldn’t fit his head through the neck hole!

Although we weren’t entirely prepared for his arrival, and the fact that daycare for Rob will cost a small fortune, we are overjoyed with his birth. Jenny, of course, declined maternity leave. Our neighbor, Gretchen, looks after Rob during the day. The other evening, after work, we forgot to gather him from her home and had a quiet dinner! 32 missed calls, 22 voicemails and 17 text messages later, we strolled over and picked him up. I had left my cell phone on silent in my brief case, while Jenny’s battery had died earlier that day.

Much love,
Jenny & James

and Baby Rob

Robert wouldn’t stop crying long enough for a decent picture to be taken, so Jenny and I capitalized on this moment and had a lovely photo shoot of our own!

We decided to share our joy by inviting you to come up any weekend and steal him away from us for a week, or two, or even a month! Please spread this invitation to all the cousins!

September 23, 2010


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